Drain Doctor has had many years of experience with dealing with blockages in Saniflo systems.

The Saniflo system is ideal for installing a toilet/bathroom where there isn't any access to a gravity drain. The Saniflo unit is a pumped macerator unit that can pump kitchen or toilet or bathroom waste to the gravity drain using small bore pipe-work.

Unfortunately Saniflo systems are prone to blockages if not used correctly or if excess toilet paper or sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet.

Saniflo small bore pipe-work can be cleared with the use of a jet air pump system or by a small cable fed from a hand gun (electro-mechanical). Blockages on the small bore pipe-work are often caused by tight bends (90 degrees) on the outlet pipe-work so we would recommend to install easy bends (45 degrees) where possible. This also aids blockage clearing.